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Regarding the Use of Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center Facilities
Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center TOP Page
[1] Introduction
[2] The process for using the facilities
[2.1] StarBED utilization plan
[2.2] StarBED utilization application
[2.3] StarBED utilization completion report
[3] Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center Resources
[3.1] Nodes
[3.2] VLAN IDs
[3.3] KVM Console
[3.4] Points to note
[4] Inquiry service

1. Introduction

NICT Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center facilities are provided for NICT research, and it is expected that they will mainly be used by those who have a relation with NICT.

Those who are not connected to NICT can use the facilities by signing a research collaboration contract with NICT or becoming a member of Hokuriku ICT R&D Promotion Council (HIRP).

For collaborative research proposals, please contact the inquiry service.

2. The process for using the facilities
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All users (including NICT related users) are requested to follow the procedure shown below.

a) StarBED utilization plan [2.1]    Form for StarBED utilization plan
b) StarBED utilization application [2.2]    Form for StarBED utilization application
c) StarBED utilization completion report [2.3]    Form for StarBED utilization completion report

These documents are used to understand the outline and state of equipment utilization for joint research. The document flow until utilization is shown in the following figure.

The process for using the facilities is shown in the following diagram:


2.1 StarBED utilization plan

Firstly, we will explain the project registration application (a) and the notification of the receipt thereof (b), which are shown in the diagram.

A project registration application (a) is required in the following two cases:

  • When using the facilities for a new research and development project
  • When the fiscal year-end occurs during a project

Depending on the details of the application, we may include information about the project on the NICT or StarBED Project website, slides about the facility, papers, reports, or elsewhere. When the StarBED utilization plan is accepted, a notification of the fact shall be made (b).

2.2 StarBED utilization application

Next we explain the process of making the StarBED utilization applications (c), and of the adjustments and acceptance notification (d).

The reservation process is as follows:

  1. [The User] sends the [Form for StarBED utilization application] to the email address for reservations (c).
  2. [Hokuriku STC] adjusts each request, allocates the necessary resources, and notifies the user of acceptance of the utilization application (d).

The schedule for accepting use of the facilities for the year is fixed, so please send the Use Request Form (c) with the requested number of nodes or VLANs, by the deadline for each period.

With StarBED, there are many cases of multiple projects being carried out, and your request may clash with those of others. As we will adjust the times of use and number of nodes(d) in order to have as many people use it as possible, please fill in the details with some allowance for changes. However, please understand that there are cases where we cannot accommodate your requests.

The procedure of the equipment use is completed as described above.

Submission of the utilization application form applies to all users (including Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center researchers).

It is possible to check the state of node registration on the registration checking page; however, please use it only as a guideline.

Periods during which the facilities can be used and deadlines for use requests are as follows:

  • 1st period: Apr.1 - May 31 Deadline: 15 Mar.
  • 2nd period: Jun.1 - Jul.31 Deadline: 15 May
  • 3rd period: Aug.1 - Sep.30 Deadline: 15 Jul.
  • 4th period: Oct.1 - Nov.30 Deadline: 15 Sep.
  • 5th period: Dec.1 - Jan.31 Deadline: 15 Nov.
  • 6th period: Feb.1 - Mar.31 Deadline: 15 Jan.


  1. Some of the nodes are used for managing and controlling the StarBED facilities, and cannot be lent out.
  2. If following allocation you decide not to use the resources due to reasons such as a change of plans, please quickly contact the person responsible for registration in order to free up the resources.
  3. Use Request Forms are accepted by email. If there are items on the application form that are not applicable, please note this in a way that is easy to understand.
  4. Resources left over after allocation is completed will be allocated to other persons who have made requests in the order in which they made their applications.

2.3 StarBED utilization completion report

Please submit a research project result report (e) when either the entire research project has been completed, or at the end of the fiscal year. Apart from an outline description of the research results, please also include related papers or presentations, whether there were any related patent registrations, future research plans, as well as to what degree were the facilities actually used.


If using the facilities as a member of HIRP, these documents are to be submitted to both the Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center and to HIRP; however, it is not necessary to submit them separately. If you submit them through the inquiry service, the information will be shared between Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center and HIRP.

3. Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center Resources
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When making a use application, please include what kind of resources you require. Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center has the following resources that can be reserved.

3.1 Nodes

Nodes are computers that are a part of StarBED. There are 7 types of PC nodes, groups F-L. Please note on the application form how many PCs are required for each group. Nodes can crash, so it is safer to specify a larger number of nodes to accommodate such an event. However, as setting an overly large number of nodes may result in conflicts with other users, doing so may lead your request being denied.

Please refer to the StarBED Project webpage for the specification of each node.

3.2 VLAN IDs

A basic thing when running experiments on StarBED is to use VLANs to build a virtual topology. In order to build a network for experiment use, the VLAN IDs for each of the segments are required. Please specify the number of VLAN IDs required.

Additionally, if you require a fixed VLAN ID for external connectivity, for example to the WIDE or JGN networks, please let us know of this need.

3.3 KVM Console

There are many PC nodes connected to the StarBED equipment. Since it is difficult to check each of their individual console screens, all experiment node consoles can be operated from a single console system.

The collaborative research room has KVM equipment made by Raritan. This system is basically used when carrying out research, however, as there are a limited number of units, please let us know how many units you need.

3.4 Points to note

The following are points to note regarding the use of the facilities:

  • In principle, the time of use is weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30. Outside this period, the facilities cannot be used from inside Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center, but they can be used remotely through VPN connections, regardless of the time of day.
  • You can use the meeting rooms of Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center or the entrance hall, as required. The meeting rooms are also equipped with a Polycom system.
  • It is possible to connect your own equipment to a network on StarBED; however, please let us know beforehand the equipment to connect and the desired configuration.
  • If using an external connection, please let us know the necessary information beforehand, as it is required to set up network equipment.
  • Please bring meeting material, etc., with you. There is a printer available, but large volumes of documents cannot be printed out.
  • There is a wireless LAN network for non-experiment activities provided for users.
  • If you make changes to the experiment node software, or to the physical connection configuration, please return these to their initial state when finishing. The same applies for switch settings.
4. Inquiry service
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In principle, inquiries are accepted by email, however, in urgent cases they can be dealt with by telephone.

・ Inquiry handling times: Weekdays 9:00–17:30

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