Research Reports: Fiscal Year 2011

We compiled all the R&D results achieved by using StarBED, in order, into a catalogue.
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  1. 1. Journal papers
  2. 2. Conference papers
  3. 3. Magazine articles
  4. 4. Books

1. Journal papers  <As of May, 2014>

No. Name of Scientific Society Title of Paper Announcer/Author
1 Japan Society for Educational Technology, Educational Technology Research/ 2011 Vol.4 Educational Technology Research (Translation) Hands-on Environments for
Network Technologies on StarBED
Toshiyuki MIYACHI
(Shinsuke MIWA,
 Shinobu HASEGAWA,
 Yasuo TAN,
 Yoichi SHINODA)
Apr. 2011

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2. Conference papers  <As of April, 2015>

No. Name of Scientific Society Title of Paper Announcer/Author
Announcement Period
1 The 7th International ICST
Conference on Testbeds and
Research Infrastructures for the
Development of Networks and
Communities (TridentCom 2011)
StarBED and SpringOS
Architectures and their Performance
Toshiyuki MIYACHI
(Takeshi NAKAGAWA,
 Ken-ichi CHINEN,
 Shinsuke MIWA,
 Yoichi SHINODA)
Apr. 2011
2 ACM International Workshop on Wireless Testbeds, Experimental evolution and Characterization (WiNTECH) 2011 Challenge of Using Wireless Network Testbeds : A Case Study on ORBIT Razvan BEURAN
(Yasuo TAN,
 Yoichi SHINODA)
Sep. 2011
ASIAN INTERNET ENGINEERING CONFERENCE (AINTEC) 2011 Fault Injection on a Large-Scale Network Testbed Toshiyuki MIYACHI
(Razvan BEURAN,
 Shinsuke MIWA,
 Yoshiki MAKINO,
 Satoshi UDA,
 Yoichi SHINODA)
Nov. 2011
4 2nd European Conference of Computer Science (ECCS '11) Requirements of Large Data Distribution Mechanism for Large-Scale Network Testbed Shingo YASUDA
(Kunio AKASHI,
 Tomoya INOUE,
 Toshiyuki MIYACHI,
 Shinsuke MIWA,
 Ken-ichi CHI-NEN,
 Yoichi SHINODA)
Dec. 2011

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3. Magazine articles <As of May, 2014>

No. Magazine Title Article Title Author
Publication Period
1 NICT Journal vol.58, Nos.3/4 Reproduction and Emulation Technologies
for Researches on Secure 
Shinsuke MIWA Mar. 2012

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