Role and Research Topics

1. Building a prototype of the new-generation network

In order to make a contribution to the new-generation network prototype building project, NICT gathered together researchers from private sector companies, universities and public research institutions etc. to at the "Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center" which is StarBED research and development facility, and carried out a concentrated program of research and development in support of the project.

2. Providing the StarBED3 research and development environment, a facility that supports development

We provide a large-scale emulation testbed to users and by making it possible for them to easily experiment and verify at the software implementation level, we support all stages of network research.
As a result, we advance beyond the simple “test”-bed level.  Our goal is to develop a comprehensive research and development support platform by the accumulation and publication of experiment/verification methods and result data sets.

3. The research topics for the center – 5 year plan –

Under the five-year plan, the center is conducting research and development on the StarBED3-related topics shown below.
We use the results of research and development for human resource training and for developing new ICT technologies for new-generation networks.  The findings are also used for providing security and services to support new-generation networks.
We are aiming at providing a higher-level testbed through the above initiatives.

<3 Research Topics>

Research Topics Main Content
Fundamental technologies for large scale emulation environment In order to facilitate carrying out testing and verification at all the stages of the R&D process, we do research on techniques that integrate seamlessly experiment approaches ranging from theoretical simulations to emulations combined with real-world equipment, and on emulation environments that are capable of dealing with all the entire process from receiving the system to be tested to preparation for its deployment.
Technologies for wired/wireless network emulation We are researching verification environment of integrated network which realize wired/wireless emulators on the same network, so that we can verify the technology for combined wired/wireless network.
Technologies for Multi-layer integrated experiment We are also researching verification testbeds that can execute on the same time axis when combining multiple emulators and simulators etc. so that we can comprehensively verify the system in an integrated manner from the network level and the levels below right up to the applications and user levels where they reach the physical environment.

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