StarBED3 Goals

1. From Individual Testbeds to an Integrated Testbed

A testbed for experiments and verifications is vital for research and development involving new wireless and security technologies, particularly for next-generation networks.  At the same time, a platform for sharing the knowledge gained from these experiments and verifications is also essential.
StarBED3 and JGN-X work together to meet these requirements.  JGN-X handles experiments and verifications for network circuit layers and StarBED3 covers experiments and verifications for control layers and application technology.  By using this approach, we can provide a comprehensive testbed capable of performing consistent experiments and verifications from the lower to upper layers.
As for the virtual nodes, we aim to provide a large-scale emulation for the control plane.
At the same time, we share the experimenting methods, data sets and other results deriving from the experimenting and verification conducted within NICT and by optimizing our cooperation in research and development, we plan to achieve connections both in terms of supporting standardization and of coordination with external parties.

Testbed development – Multilayer testbed

Testbed development
– Multilayer testbed


2. Process Innovation in Network R&D

We research, develop and provide "Experimenting, Verification, and Deployment Preparation Infrastructure" + "Knowledge Infrastructure."

  • Experimenting, Verification, Deployment Preparation Infrastructure
    • Following the process for maturing technology: from theoretical experimenting through to product development and preparations for deployment
  • Knowledge Base = Growing out of and away from "test"-bed
    • Accumulating knowledge: building up both experimenting and verification templates, and datasets
    • Sharing knowledge: standardizing application program interfaces (API) and datasets for collaborations with testbed counterparts
    • Developing knowledge: exhibiting testbeds and real-world oriented application program interfaces (API) and datasets
    • Creating knowledge: strengthening user interfaces with testbeds, applying them to personal/staff training

We are conducting research and development activities to achieve all of these goals, and also establishing operation methods and models.

As the result, we are putting them into practice to improve innovation in the development of processes and of industrial formats to produce network products.

  • Moving from appliance and products component technologies towards supplying complete solutions
  • Highly efficient development (R&D budgets, TTM*)
       *: Abbreviation of "Time to Market"

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Process innovation in network R&D through StarBED3 and JGN-X development

Process innovation in network R&D through StarBED3 and JGN-X development