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StarBED Features & Advantages

1.StarBED Features

StarBED has the following features as outlined below.

  • Large-scale emulation testbed with about hundreds servers
    We provide a non-distributed environment that provides an experiment scale which cannot be achieved at a typical development site.  StarBED makes it possible to experiment with actual equipment in its ordinary running/operating condition.  Therefore, it makes detailed and accurate experiments possible in more realistic circumstances, including the ability to expand the experiment scale.

  • Various systems to support experimenting
    We have developed various systems (as outlined below) to support verification experimenting.
    • TENTOU: Support Middleware of using Testbed
    • Smithsonian: Simulation and Emulation Federation Platform
    • NETorium:  High-fidelity scalable wireless network emulator   etc.
    • sbeasy: Network Experiment Support Software   *End of service
    • SpringOS: Network Experiment Support Software   *End of service
    • QOMET: Wireless Network Emulator   *End of service
    • RUNE: Real-time Ubiquitous Network Emulation Environment   *End of service
    • XENebula: Massive VM multiplexing tool   *End of service
    • Xburner: Background Traffic Generator   *End of service

    These can be used in applications for lots of different individual experimenting requirements.

  • Integrated verification environments through external coordination
    StarBED can also be used in integrated verification environments with external coordination by means of being connected to JGN-X and WIDE research networks.

StarBED equipment/facilities (PC servers and internetworking switches)

StarBED equipment/facilities (PC servers and internetworking switches)

Outline of SpringOS

Outline of TENTOU

Demonstrations using various different types of emulators

Demonstrations using various different types of emulators


2.StarBED Advantages

In addition to the special features described above, we would also like to mention the following advantages of using StarBED.

  • You can test software installed and running in real-life, real-time system applications in the following ways:
    • By being able to verify at the binary code level
    • By running verifications on a real-time basis
    • By verifying in formats very close to those of finished products
  • By permitting errors, you can speed up innovations
  • You can research and develop more dependable products
  • By looking at the technology as a whole, you can cut down on overall verification costs
    • Rapid R&D cycles, shortened time to market (TTM)
    • Reductions in R&D costs through sharing and recycling facilities, tools, and knowledge
  • Specialized verification environments
    • Ability to use large-scale facilities for limited periods and spaces – only when you need them and only for the size that you need
    • Possibility of constructing isolated spaces
    • Ability to make use of clean environments