Utilization Procedure
StarBED Usage Procedure

Before Using StarBED

StarBED facilities can be used by any research institution or researcher from industry, academia, or government for the purposes of research.
However, you have to sign commissioned research contract or joint research contract with NICT.
For further details, please contact us by e-mail at the following address.

When publishing research using StarBED (press release, academic papers etc.), please include the following description in the text or acknowledgment. And please report it to us.

This work is carried out on StarBED which is provided by National Institute of Inforamtion and Communications Technology (NICT).

StarBED Usage Procedure

Prescribed procedures are required to use StarBED.
Please read the relevant page of NICT's Integrated Testbed for details, necessary documents, terms and usage guides.

NICT's Integrated Testbed / Utilization Procedure (Japanese only)

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