StarBED Equipment

1. Overview

As illustrated in the figure on the right, StarBED mainly consists of the following three groups.

  • Experiment node group :
    It consists of hundreds servers.  For details, please refer to the tables below.
  • Network switch group for management :
    Used to control the experiment nodes.
  • Network switch group for experiment :
    Provides a bidirectional communication between experiment nodes through a network backbone of up to 200 Gbps.

The experiment network connects the experiment nodes via experiment switches, creating an environment which is independent from other networks and that makes possible highly-dependable network experiments and verification.

When using the StarBED equipment for experiment and verification, testbed users can access it not only from inside our center, but also externally through the Internet and VPN. Moreover, the StarBED experiment environment can also be connected to JGN-X*, WIDE** and other research networks.

*: New Generation Network Testbed JGN-X

**: WIDE (Widely Integrated Distributed Environment) Project Testbed Network

Image of StarBED Equipment

Image of StarBED Equipment


Experiment Nodes (2)

Experiment Nodes in the Simulator Research Room

2. Experiment Nodes Groups

The experiment nodes are divided into some groups, as shown in the table below.

Experiment node groups in operation (As of July 2021):

Group Model Spec Year of installation
Group P

DELL PowerEdge R430

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2683 v4 (2.1GHz/16core) x2
Memory: 32GB RDIMM (DDR4-2400/Multi-bit ECC) x12
     = 384GB
Storage: HDD 1.2TBx1, SSD 1.6TBx1
Network Interface: 10GigEx2, 1GigEx3

Obsolete experiment node groups:


Model Term
Group A

NEC Express5800 110Rc-1

2002 - 2011
Group B
Group C

NEC Express5800 120Ra-1

Group D

NEC Express5800 110Rc-1

Group E
Group F

NEC Express5800 110Rg-1

2006 - 2016
Group G

Proside Amazelast neo920

2007 - 2016
Group H

HP ProLiant DL320 G5p

2009 - 2019
Group I

Cisco UCS C200 M2

2011 - 2019
Group J 2011 - 2019
Group K 2011 - 2020
Group L 2011 - 2020
Group M 2011 - 2017
Group O

SeaMicro SM15000-XE

2013 - 2018
Group N

DELL PowerEdge C6220

2013 - 2021