About StarBED Usage

1. Points to Note about Using the Center

Please keep the following points in mind when making use of the center.

  • Office Hours:
    The center is available between 9am and 5.30pm on weekdays in normal circumstances. 
    Please consult us directly to use the facilities outside these hours.

  • Remote access to StarBED:
    Remote access is possible by using a VPN connection.  Moreover, the system can be used at any time in these circumstances.
    Please let us know in advance if you wish to access the system in this way and we will arrange it for you.

  • User Working Space:
    You can use the user room shown in the photo on the right.

  • Seminar Space (next to the entrance hall):
    This can be used when necessary if we are consulted in advance.

  • Nearby Accommodation and Delivery of User's Equipment to the center:
    For detailed information, please contact us by e-mail us at the following address.
         E-mail: tb-info@ml.nict.go.jp

2. Access to the Center

Please consult the page below for information about access to the center.

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Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Seminar Space

Seminar Space next to the Entrance Hall

User Room

User Room