Before Using StarBED

StarBED facilities can be used by any research institution or researcher from industry, academia, or government for the purposes of research.
However, you have to sign commissioned research contract or joint research contract with NICT.
For further details, please contact us by e-mail at the following address.

When publishing research using StarBED (press release, academic papers etc.), please include the following description in the text or acknowledgment. And please report it to us.

This work is carried out on StarBED which is provided by National Institute of Inforamtion and Communications Technology (NICT).

STEP-1. The Registration of New Research and Development Projects
             (or for the Re-registration of Projects for Each Fiscal Year)

“StarBED” is one of the “NICT’s Integrated Testbed”.
To use the facilities, all users must agree to the terms of use and apply.
At first, please read "Terms of Use of NICT's Integrated Testbed” (Provisional Translation) on website of “NICT’s Integrated Testbeds”. It summarizes the basic items that users should follow.

a. Submitting 2 types of documents for each project

If you agree with the above "Terms of Use of NICT's Integrated Testbed” and would like to use NICT's Integrated Testbed, please fill in the necessary information in the following documents and submit it by e-mail.

**: If you would like to use StarBED only, please delete the following two lines of ”2. Summary of Research Project and Research Institution Information” on this document.
   Integrated Testbed Research Plan (Summary of Research Project)
   Integrated Testbed Research Plan (Research Institution Information)

In addition, it takes about 1 - 2 weeks from application to approval or rejection.

b. Approval of usage plan

Having checked the content of the application and, if there are no problems with the information supplied, NICT’s Integrated Testbed office shall send ”Letter of Permission for Use of NICT’s Integrated Testbed” and ”StarBED Notification of Project Registration” sheet to you.

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Application for StarBED utilization

Image of Application for
StarBED utilization

STEP-2. Application for Each Usage

The schedule for accepting use of the facilities for the year is fixed as the table below, so please submit the Application for StarBED Host Reservation with the requested number of nodes or VLANs, by the deadline for each period.
We conduct an arrangement of user's request and resource assignment on the basis of the applications, so that the center's resources are shared out according to the user's priority amongst its users.

c. Submitting a "Application for StarBED Host Reservation"

Please submit your completed "Application for StarBED Host Reservation" to the following e-mail address by the deadline for each period.


  • Please confirm the experiment node reservation situation from "the StarBED reservation situation" page.
  • Please refer to "StarBED Equipment" page for experiment node specs.
  • This center's fixed periods are defined in accordance with the 2-month unit periods described below.
    Please note that there is a deadline date for submissions for each period.
Usage period for the facilities Deadline for submissions
1st period Apr.1 - May 31 Mar. 15
2nd period Jun.1 - Jul.31 May 15
3rd period Aug.1 - Sep.30 Jul. 15
4th period Oct.1 - Nov.30 Sep. 15
5th period Dec.1 - Jan.31 Nov. 15
6th period Feb.1 - Mar.3 Jan. 15
<Usage Period for the Facilities and Deadlines for Submissions>


  • After the deadline is passed, any available resources that remain will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please understand in advance that there will be situations in which resources cannot be allocated in accordance with the applicant's wishes.
  • In cases where, after allocation, there are excess resources available due to scheduling changes etc., please cooperate in releasing such resources for others to use.
  • We request that, in cases where the number of nodes required either increases or decreases or there is any change to the type required etc., the applicant submit another application detailing his or her requirements.

d. Sending out "Firm Notification"

The Center will conduct an adjustment process on the basis of the applications it receives from applicants.  Following this adjustment process, the applicants will be sent "Firm Notification" notifying them of the content of the decision made with regard to their applications.

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Application for StarBED host reservation

Image of Application for
StarBED host reservation

STEP-3. Submitting a Report on Completion of a Research and Development Project (or Submitting a Report on the Re-registration of a Project)

At the end of a research and development project or the end of fiscal year, we request that the results of the project and any requests to be made to the center be submitted.  

  *: This report should be submitted within one week

e. Submitting "Final Report for StarBED Utilization"

Please submit your completed "Final Report for StarBED Utilization" to the following e-mail address.

<Main Items to be Included in the Reports>

  • Outline of the results of the usage
  • Any related theses or oral presentations
  • Existence of any patent registrations
  • Future research schedule
  • To what extent you actually made use of the facilities

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Final report for StarBED utilization

Image of Final report for
StarBED utilization